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Wacky World Wrestling
A live wrestling match that involved people dressed up as superheroes and monsters. Andrew gave away 2 tickets to the show because his girlfriend was coming home from Africa that weekend. The Red Wacky Wrestler was turned into a monster when Zoycite's Dark Crystal ray hit him instead of her original target, Molly.
Wally the Weather Man
A radio show host, who seems to always get the weather predictions wrong. On a day that it was supposed to be sunny, it poured down raining. Lita was caught out in the middle of it and explained "That stupid weather man never gets it right!".
Warped Space
Warp Hole
Warp Hole Of Time
Waters of Neptune, Deep Submerge!
Attack used by Sailor Neptune. An alternate form of Sailor Neptune's "Deep Submerge" attack.
[also see: Neptune Deep Submerge!, Deep Submerge!]
Water Sprite
An ancient legend spoke of a Water Sprite who fell in love with a young man, but a girl from the town also loved this man, and when this town girl saw the man and the sprite together, she turned into a vicious monster. The only was to stop the monster was for the Water Sprite and the young man to harness the power of their love and seal the creature into the lake. A statue of the young man and the water sprite lay at the lake's bed and is known as the "Guardians of the lake".
Wedding Chapel
A chapel located in the Crossroads area, was holding the Wedding Dress Sewing Contest.
Wedding Dress Sewing Contest
A contest run by the guy who owns the wedding chapel. Serena's sewing teacher, Ms Lambert, entered this competition but was under the power of Neflite's servant - Black Widow.
Wedges of Dark Crystal Power
These are wedges made by Sapphire out of shards of the Dark Crystal. Emerald would use this statues (that resembled herself) in the past to release Dark Energy into Earth.
[also see: Dark Crystal Wedges]
Weed Balls
An attack used by Zoycite's servant, Akan. This balls would be thrown at his opponents and the increase in size until they absorb the entire body of the victim, cutting off air supply.
Weird Sisters
A name given to the Nemesis Sisters by Sailor Jupiter.
Western was a Heart Snatcher of the 'wild west' and rode around on a horse styled pogo stick, while shooting water out of a pistol. Western was able to shatter Sailor Moon's Spiral Heart Attack.
“Who Do You Think You Are”
Wicked Cool Kindergarten Teacher
One of the disguises used by Serena with the help of the Luna Pen. This disguise was used so that she could get onto a kindergarten bus that was the next target for the energy draining Cardian, Vulturos.
Wicked Lady
The evil influence of the Wiseman transformed Rini into this form, after she was made to believe that the Sailor Scouts blamed her for everything that had happened, including her mother being attacked by the Negamoon.
The evil entity that manipulated the people of the Negamoon family to serve his purpose.
Witches 5
The organization that worked for the Bad Behavior Bureau in SMS.
[also see: Witches 5 Research]
Witches 5 Research
The organization that worked for the Bad Behavior Bureau in SMS.
[also see: Witches 5]
World Shaking!
An attack used by Sailor Uranus.
[also see: Uranus World Shaking!]
Worm Hole
Wrist Communicator
These are the wristwatch communication devices used by Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, & Venus. Sailor Uranus & Neptune also have a similar type of communication device.