"There's no one to help you now, little girl."
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Real Name: Morga
Race: Negamonster
Gender: Female
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Occupation: Servant of Jedite and the Negaverse; jewelry store owner
Alias: Mrs. Baker (Molly's mother)
Known Relatives:
Group Affiliation: Negaverse
Base of Operations: Molly's mom's Jewellery Store
First Appearance: Sailor Moon episode #001
Final Appearance: Sailor Moon episode #001 & 082 (flashback)
Voice Performer: Unknown
History: After replacing Molly's mother at the Jewelry store using a disguise, she used a 90% sale to lure unsuspecting humans into her trap. Once it got dark and enough humans had tried on some sort of jewelry from the store, she began the energy draining step. Once they were completely unconscious, she attempted to take out Molly, who had been a witness, by strangling her. She was foiled when Sailor Moon arrived. She was turned to dust by Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Magic attack.

Abilities: Her main ability was being able to flawlessly transform into a particular human without being detected. She also was able to reanimate those, who had been drained of energy, as Negazombies to do her bidding. She could stretch her limbs, and also had the ability to levitate, but not seen to have any flying maneuverability.

Items: A wide range of energy draining jewelry.


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